To make the silkscreen clear on the board, the width of the texts ( filled lines) and the space between letters need to be no less than 0.15 mm with a height no less than 0.8 mm. The preferred ratio of width to height is 1:6. If outline font is designed and the solid part is filled with lines, then the filling line needs to be no less than 0.15mm too, and the hollow part needs to be more than 0.2mm.

Usually, we will not check and modify silkscreen in the Gerber file, but the texts may be widened into 0.15mm if it is not enough. And we may not accept the complaint regarding the unclear texts caused by non-standard design. Please kindly make sure the silkscreen meets our capability before ordering.

When the silkscreen overlaps with the openings, we will follow the principle of openings first. In another word, we will ignore the silkscreen and make the openings on the boards only. Under the circumstances, if you want to keep the silkscreen on the openings, please kindly make a note in the remark column so that we can let our engineers and factories pay attention to it and meet your needs.